Once each Wood Badge participant has completed his/her ticket it is customary to hold a recognition ceremony to mark this special occasion. The beading ceremony helps remind all Wood Badgers of their significant commitment to Scouting and welcomes newly-beaded Wood Badgers "Back to Gilwell." Although the ceremony can take several forms, it is typically held at district or council events.  

Please allow at least three weeks from ticket completion to beading, as the requisite paperwork must be submitted and processed and the staff must coordinate ceremony roles.

It is the responsibility of the participant to schedule the ceremony itself and to communicate that schedule to the course director. For example, if the beading is to take place at a roundtable meeting, the beading must be proposed by the participant, approved by the roundtable commissioner, and the specific date, time, and location communicated to the course director at least three weeks prior to the beading.  

Congratulations to all Wood Badge participants who have received their beads!

Date Time Name Patrol Location Notes