Thank you for your interest in Wood Badge! We hope you find these links useful. If you have questions please contact us. Approximately 30 days prior to the course you will receive a Gilwell Gazette with additional information about your Wood Badge experience.

Training Prerequisites 
     These prerequisites must be completed prior to Weekend 1.

Wood Badge Letter to Employer 
Wood Badge Letter to Employer Scholarship Request 
     Does your employer have questions about Wood Badge? Share one of these letters to help make a case for time off or to request scholarship assistance.

BSA Annual Health and Medical Record
     The complete medical form is required for Wood Badge, including Parts A, B, and C. 

Pre-course 20 Questions Assignment 
     Please complete prior to the course and keep for your own use.

Weekend 1
     Participant Equipment List 
     Camp Map 

Weekend 2
     Participant Equipment List 
     Camp Map 

Guide to Awards and Insignia
Scout Leader Uniform Inspection Sheet
     For information on proper uniforming.

Guide to Safe Scouting

What’s Life Like During, and After, Wood Badge?