Course Information

The target audience for Seabadge is Sea Scout adult leaders who will directly apply what they learn to the program. However, much of the content is applicable to anyone who works with older youth and the course is a great way to learn about the Sea Scout program. There is no requirement to be a Sea Scout Leader to attend.

Prerequisite Training
All participants must complete Youth Protection Training (YPT) and Sea Scout Adult Leader Basic Training (SSALBT) in person or through

Registration Fee
The all-inclusive course fee is $150. This fee includes food, camping fees, instructional materials, a course hat and t-shirt, and (upon completion of the Logbook) the Seabadge Award pin and certificate. A $50 deposit will hold your place in the course, with the balance due by September 18, 2019. Registration will be limited to the first 24 fully-paid participants.

Friday, October 18 (check-in at 1200, course begins at 1300) through Sunday, October 20 (approx 1200, with scheduled 1300 departure).

Cushing Park
1000 Delta Drive
Canton, GA 30114

GPS Coordinates: 34° 10' 40.20"  -84° 34' 35.80"

Cushing Park, a beautiful property on Lake Allatoona, is located approximately 48 miles north of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) and 92 miles south of Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport (CHA). If you are flying into one of these airports, you are encouraged to seek carpooling connections via the course Facebook group.

Click here for a Cushing Park map. Note location of the Clubhouse and Cabin Row. Entrance is via Heatherbrook Trace, on the east side of the park.

All participants are required to bring a current BSA Annual Health and Medical Record (AHMR, "medical form") with you to the course. The complete form (parts A, B, and C) is preferred; the short form (parts A and B) is acceptable. You will not be permitted to check-in without your AHMR.

Sea Scout participants will wear official Sea Scout uniforms as described in the Sea Scout Manual. The Official Sea Scout Uniform is the preferred uniform, but legacy uniforms may be worn. Dress uniforms are not required. An activity uniform including the course t-shirt will be worn for parts of days.

Scout participants will wear their official Scouting uniforms (official Scout leader shirt, Scout pants, Scout leather or web belt, and official socks) with the shoulder loops signifying their Scouting program. Each person has the option of wearing uniform shorts, long pants, or a skirt.

Prior to the course, design a personal burgee/pennant that symbolizes your hobbies, interests, and your life. It can consist of colors, patterns, shapes, and symbols. Your burgee can be made of cloth or simply drawn on cardboard or heavy paper.

Typically, a burgee is 12" at the base and 18" in length. You will be using your pennant Friday evening to introduce yourself to your crew; therefore, include all information on your pennant that is necessary for a self-introduction.

Indoor accommodations will be provided for all participants. Cushing Park cabins feature air-conditioned / heated accommodations for six plus kitchens and bathrooms.

Packing List
Click here for the personal packing list. (Coming soon)

All meals will be prepared for the entire group and served in the Clubhouse. If you have dietary restrictions or food allergies, please indicate those on your pre-course participant survey.

Part of the course involves setting your personal goals in Scouting and then carrying out five tasks that take you along that course. These tasks make up your "Logbook" (formerly known as the Rutter, and similar to a Wood Badge Ticket), and must be completed within 18 months of the course to earn your Seabadge pin. For our course, the Logbook completion deadline is Tuesday, April 20, 2021.

Note: There are two versions of the Logbook. One is for participants who are Sea Scouters. The other is for Scouters who may be Scouting, BSA leaders, professionals, commissioners, Venturing advisors, etc.